CCE 2017

Architects & Developers try Virtual Reality Walk-through at Cape Construction Expo

Tenebris Lab set up a stand for the annual Cape Construction Expo (CCE) at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, 23-24 August 2017 to demo LUX Walker VR walkthrough software.

Demo model

Most of the passing crowd at the Cape Construction Expo were immediately intrigued to try out the HTC Vive goggles, experiencing their first virtual walkthrough of a beautiful residential villa in Spain, designed by internationally renowned architecture and design firm, SAOTA.

Visitors quickly got to grips with LUX Walker, teleporting between different rooms and floors of the model.  We used LUX Walker Basic, which has a locked menu, to ensure that we could put four people into the VR model at one time while allowing the demo period to run efficiently for multiple groups of people. Demo tool features were limited to the Time Tool, and Drawing Tool.  The Time Tool pulls the exact geo-location linked to a project, enabling users to adjust the time of day based on the hemisphere, location, or season for an accurate representation of light refractions on surfaces and facades. The Drawing Tool is used to mark-up design improvements or changes, that can be implemented at a later stage in the design process. Any changes to the design model can be saved, or captured and exported from LUX Walker as stills or 360 panoramics.

Cape Construction Visitors demo LUX Walker
Construction professionals in LUX Walker

Cape Construction Visitors demo LUX Walker






VR for AEC

The CCE was a great platform for testing LUX Walker on a mixture of different industry sectors. We were able to speak to architects, project managers, builders, engineers, regulators and planners who all understood the value of virtual reality for the AEC sector once they had gone through a walkthrough and experienced a model at true-to-life-scale. We were able to showcase LUX Walker to Government officials who are interested in using VR in the development of a low cost housing scheme for the Western Cape. The ability to perfectly envision and explore a virtual space at 1-1 scale, with multiple people who are involved in a project, dotted around the globe or spread out nationally, were major points of interest to speed up the decision process and reduce project overheads.

Cape Construction Visitors demo LUX Walker

Cape Construction Visitors demo LUX Walker





LUX Walker is an instant 3D to VR conversion software, compatible with most 3D modelling software : Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Blender and .obj files

Tenebris Lab Director, Gerard Slee, was caught for a quick interview with Cape Business News, check out our interview, around the 5 minute mark.

LUX Walker download

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