Tenebris Lab Team

Indie Software Developers, Gamers & VR Enthusiasts : Who are Tenebris Lab?

Tenebris Lab is a software development studio focusing on the creation of virtual reality software for application in the design and gaming industry.

Tenebris Lab

Tenebris is derived from Latin and roughly translates to ‘the light within the darkness.” We chose Tenebris Lab because of our passion and fascination with many fields surrounding the manipulation of light.


Where it all started

The initial concept for LUX Walker, our virtual reality walkthrough software, was developed by Tenebris Lab Founder, Gerard Slee; architect, digital nomad,coder, creative concluder and spatial prototypist.  After completing his undergraduate Architectural degree in Cape Town, Gerard spent a few years in Berlin at a large architectural and engineering firm where he was responsible for developing new methods of digital architectural presentation, specialising in interactive real-time architectural visualization. Drawing on his experience, Gerard saw an opportunity to develop VR software that would solve communication errors and improve work flow for people who work with 3D data. The aim was to develop a fully immersive 3D true-to-life scale representation of a design model for users to navigate through, and interact with, while in VR.  We have managed to create a beautiful piece of software that enables visionaries such as designers, architects, and developers to experience the un-built, adjusting critical design elements and communicating ideas throughout the development process. A key feature of our software is that we have enabled multiple users to explore a virtual space, being able to collaborate on design elements simultaneously from remote locations anywhere in the world.


Gaming passion

Most of the team are long time gamers. These are our passion projects where we get to flex our creative juices and have some fun!  For our game titles, we strive to develop high quality fully immersive virtual reality worlds for everyone out there to enjoy. At the top tier we envison multi-player photo-realistic VR games, within which a wide variety of genres and game levels would exist. Overall we aim to create games with a meaningful, well formulated script, with challenging yet achievable tasks that create a truly enjoyable and unique VR experience. 


The team is a multi-disciplinary bunch made up of  engineers, architects, tech geeks, and gamers with a passion for virtual reality and future tech. Connect with us on social media @TenebrisLab to start a conversation.