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“For me Architecture starts with Darkness, and it is by allowing light through form, color and texture that space and materiality form place, and ultimately that the architecture is revealed. In much the same way virtual reality starts out in the darkness and through manipulation of light are you presented with another existence.”

“Tenebris is the Latin word for darkness or obscurity. And in the Lab we like to add a little light to the darkness.”

– Gerard Slee, Architect, Founder of Tenebris Lab.



Tenebris Lab is a design collaborative and development studio with a focus on developing software and games for virtual realityaugmented reality, and mixed reality.

Our team is made up of multidisciplinary members and follows a design thinking approach. With backgrounds in architecture, engineering and software development we provide a powerful team with a wide skill set able to solve complex problems. We aim to provide enhanced experiences through virtual reality, by solving communication errors, improving work flows and helping others visualize complex data. 


Architecture and Design.

Since Tenebris Lab was founded, in early 2017, we have primarily focused on development for our real-time VR architectural visualisation and walkthrough tool. LUX Walker provides a means for designers, architects, developers and their clients to experience the unbuilt.  The initial concept for LUX Walker was developed by Tenebris Lab Director, Gerard Slee. A direct result of first-hand experience with the frustration of trying to communicate 2D designs to lecturers during his Architecture Degree.  The motivation was clear, to create a workflow tool that would render a realistic, true-to-life scale representation of a 3D model that users could interact with. Over a short period of time, we have managed to release a complex tool that operates with absolute simplicity; a VR ecosystem for architects, engineers, filmmakers and people who work with 3D and 360 content.


Games and Interactivity

We are indie game developers. Most of the Lab team are long-time gamers with a passion for game development. We understand the creative process involved in game development. From initial story boarding, character development, to creating a meaningful, well formulated script and devising challenging, achievable tasks.

Currently, we are working on three games for virtual reality.


Custom software development solutions

We understand that the mouse comes from 1960’s and that the keyboard from the 19th Century and we know how to prepare for current input devices. Our skill-sets and research orientated workflows allows us to work in a variety of industries, we have created custom software for engineers, architects, film makers and other futurists.

Contact us if you require any assistance. Or see our Services Page for more information.

Tenebris Lab Team : Virtual Reality Software Developers