LUX Walker Desktop Mode…for non-VR users

Don’t have VR? Try LUX Walker in Desktop Mode

LUX Walker Desktop Mode

Subscription Model & Its Benefits

SaaS Benefits : Why renting software is better than buying

SaaS Benefits

Floor Fix : Floating Sensation in VR

Floor Fix in the new version of LUX Walker to remedy a floating sensation in VR

Floor Fix in LUX Walker VR

Labeling Materials for LUX Walker

Labeling Materials & Assigning Your Materials A How To Guide for labeling materials and assigning materials in your 3D modelling software to optimize your materials in LUX Walker

Labeling Materials LUX Walker

LUX Walker 1.3 : Coming Soon . . .

Tenebris Lab have been in continuous development since the release of  LUX Walker. We have implemented key updates for Version 1.3 of the software to ensure that future versions are seamlessly integrated with your product.

LW version 1.3 Blog Feature