SaaS Benefits

Subscription Model & Its Benefits

SaaS Benefits : Why renting software is better than buying

Paying for a software subscription license ‘Software as a Service’ has many advantages.  We’ve highlighted a few key SaaS benefits

Lower cost

SaaS products cost less than purchases for once-off software licenses. Subscription models provide a business with immediate, full use of a software for a reasonable monthly fee, inclusive of updates, networking and tech support. For business, SaaS provides less start-up risk, allowing companies to easily test their requirements for new software and add licenses to their inventory incrementally, without any large upfront costs.

Flexibility & scalability

On a pay-as-you-go subscription individuals and businesses can easily budget their monthly and yearly software expenses. Users can terminate their subscription at any time, with no contracts, restrictions or tie-ins. Growing businesses are able to pick-up and drop-off licenses, on demand, as and when they require them.

Access anywhere

SaaS software products often operate with floating licenses. Enabling you to use the software on any PC, at any location where the software is installed.

New & upcoming features

Purchasing a subscription ensures that your software is always updated with the latest and best version of the software.  Auto updates mean that and you will never be stuck with an old version, that requires you to upgrade and pay a new fee. You are also entitled to upcoming features at your same monthly subscription rate.


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