LUX Walker Render Competition

Render Competition: Submit your LUX Walker Renders & Stand a Chance to WIN

LUX Walker Render Competition

Send us your LUX Walker renders and stand a chance to WIN.


You’ve downloaded the trial, you’re using the software and creating beautiful 3D stills – why not share them? And win free stuff.

How it works…

Download LUX Walker Free 60 Day Trial (if you haven’t already)

Export your 3D project to LUX Walker and make use of in-built tools to capture quality 3D renders!

Submit your entry by 20th March 2018

Winners will be chosen by a panel of 7. The Top 3 winning Render-ers will receive a Lifetime VR Starter Pack valued at $1200+ yearly! There will also be a Community Prize given to the top voted (most liked) render on our social media.

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Submissions open from Saturday 20th January 2017  – 20th March 2018Lux walker,

Winners announced 5th April 2018

Go to our Competition Page to enter and find out about details.


Render Competition: 3D Image Rendered in LUX Walker


LUX Walker is an instant 3D to VR conversion software, compatible with most 3D modelling software : Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Blender and .obj files.

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