Tenebris Remote Lab Network

Join our global Tenebris Remote Lab network. Use the power & simplicity of LUX Walker to provide world class services to the AEC industry.

LW Remote Lab

Set up your own Tenebris Remote Lab and allow multiple people to explore the same 3D model together. Provide a rewarding industry leading service. Join other Remote Lab’s and reduce logistic costs for clients by allowing them to join a virtual meeting from anywhere on earth.

Why join the Tenebris Remote Lab network?

  1. LUX Walker is used all over the world to reduce communication errors between the creators and their clients. Allowing anyone to instantly understand 3D information.
  2. Provide a profitable and industry leading service to clients in your area.
  3. Being part of our Remote Lab network means users of LUX Walker and their clients can find and make use of your facilities.
  4. Listing on Tenebris Remote Lab pages and mailers.
  5. Access to Affiliation program with percentage on overall affiliation sales of LUX Walker, monthly or as long as customer is subscribed.


Set up for VR: Remote Virtual Reality


Why LUX Walker?

  1. Extremely simple to use and automated conversion of 3D models.
  2. Easy for Clients and Service Providers.
  3. Fast turn around times.
  4. Low Software Cost


3D to VR: Remote Virtual Reality


All you need:

  1. VR Equipment
  2. Powerful PC’s
  3. Broadband/Fibre Internet Connection
  4. LUX Walker Software


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