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LUX Walker VR walkthrough Debut at Open Design Studios

The Lab hosted our first Open Design Studio Tour at SAOTA, International Architecture & Design Firm, drawing in a steady stream of architects and architectural students keen to try their first LUX Walker virtual walkthrough.

From the garage to Open Design Studios

Open Design Studios was our first opportunity to test LUX VR design tools outside of our garage set up. We were nervous and excited to see if anyone was going to show up, and if the reaction would be as good as we had hoped; we were not disappointed. Close to 300 people attended the evening slot between 5pm-8pm. Some visitors really enjoyed being in VR and needed coaxing out of the HTC Vive. For times when there was a large influx, we prepped visitors queuing  for the full LUX Walker experience with Samsung VR headsets to try out LUX Navigate 360 panoramic tours.

Tenebris Lab showcases LUX Waker at Open Design Studios
Tenebris Lab Hosts Open Design Studios






Graphics and UI

Both LUX  tools drew positive reactions from students and professionals. We chose a large residential design model from a project in Barcelona for the demonstration, which rendered beautifully in LUX Walker. The crowd was varied in ages and professions, yet everyone maneuvered through the LUX Walker menu system with ease, proving that the UI is intuitive enough for people who are first time users.

Tenebris Lab showcased LUX Walker at Open Design Studios
Visitors immersed in LUX Walker VR

Tenebris Lab Hosts Open Studios

Tenebris Lab Hosts Open Design Studios









Tenebris Lab Hosts Open Studios
Samsung VR set up with LUX Navigate 360 panoramic tours

Open Design Queue








LUX Walker is now available for download. For queries regarding file compatibility and hardware, all the answers can be found under FAQ.

LUX Walker is an instant 3D to VR conversion software, compatible with most 3D modelling software : Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Blender and .obj files



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