LUX Walker : Plan your Exhibition Space in Virtual Reality

Take away all the stress of planning.

Walk-through a virtual exhibition space and design your ideal exhibition display in real-time with our instant 3D to VR conversion software, LUX Walker.

Exporting a 3D Revit model straight to VR enabled us to get a true sense of the space and light of our exhibition display area.


Using LUX Walker tools we managed to plan the layout for our display, measure height and distance, and adjust lighting. Throughout the walk-through we captured and exported 3D renders, sharing visuals in planning meetings to help us evaluate the designs with other team members, and select the best options for our exhibition opening night.

Strategise and Mark-Up your display

Use the Mark-Up Tool to highlight components of the design that don’t work, for follow-up elimination.

Mark-up design changes in virtual reality
Mark-Up changes in LUX Walker

View and export renders of your space in full 360 3D

Teleport around your model and view the ceiling panels, flooring, sideboards, at 1-1 scale. Zoom in and out to capture renders from various angles.

View your model in complete 360
Ceiling Panels in LUX Walker
Display design space in 3D
View your exhibition space in full 360 3D

Zoom & pan to View your 3D model from various angles

Zoom in on your display in LUX Waker
Zoom in on your display in LUX Waker

Populate content and watch your design space come to life

Enrich your model with visuals, change materials and add texture and lighting to bring your exhibition space ‘alive’.

Preview your exhibition content on display  Exhibition display in VR

Don’t have VR? …Use LUX Walker in PC Mode

The visuals are just as great! You won’t be able to enable multiplayer mode and walk-through your virtual exhibition space with someone else, but you will still have all the functionality of LUX Walker tools. Flythrough your model in PC mode, mark-up changes, capture and export 3D stills.

PC Mode In LUX Walker
3D still rendered in LUX Wallker PC Mode
LUX Walker in VR Mode
3D still rendered in LUX Walker VR Mode
LUX Walker is an instant 3D to VR conversion software, compatible with most 3D modelling software: Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Blender, and .obj files

LUX Walker can be used in virtual reality mode or in PC mode, available for download For further queries regarding file compatibility and hardware, read our FAQ.


VR Hardware:

HTC Vive: Available on Amazon and Takealot

Oculus Rift: Available on  Amazon and  Takealot


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