LW version 1.3 Blog Feature

LUX Walker 1.3 : Coming Soon . . .

Tenebris Lab have been in continuous development since the release of  LUX Walker. We have implemented key updates for Version 1.3 of the software to ensure that future versions are seamlessly integrated with your product.

Version 1.3:


Auto updates

Version 1.3 of LUX Walker will automatically update to the newest version of the software, to ensure that you always have the latest tools and features.

Smarter tools

We have refined tools to work smarter, and be more intuitive. The Measure tool now has orthogonal, horizontal and vertical snap modes and the Plan Tool has greater scale flexibility, for a more fluid user experience.


Design Better. Better design.


Graphic upgrades

LUX Walker Vegetation and Material Library is expanding to host a greater range of in-built plants, trees and material textures. We have implemented upgrades across graphic elements, such as Fog and Volumetric Lighting, to enhance the graphic fidelity of LUX Walker. Resulting in crisp, high quality 3D Renders.

Demo collaboration

Multiple users can now join each other in the demo model provided at Install. This enables users to instantly test a walk-through in a fully resolved demo model, before loading a project of their own.


LUX Walker is an instant 3D to VR conversion software, compatible with most 3D modelling software: Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Blender,  and .obj files

LUX Walker can be used in Virtual Reality Mode or in PC Mode, available here for download

VR Hardware:

HTC Vive: Available on Amazon and Takealot

Oculus Rift: Available on  Amazon and  Takealot

For technical queries email our development team [email protected] read our FAQ or start a conversation with us on social media @tenebrislab