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Interactive design. 60 Days of unlimited access.

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LUX Walker has been developed as a workflow tool to reduce communication errors, improve efficiency through-out design development, and operate as an immersive platform to engage with design presentation. Export your 3D model to VR and join a virtual meeting with a client or team member, from anywhere in the world. Walk-through and interact in the same design space, mark-up design improvements, transform materials and capture highly realistic 3D stills – in seconds.

Trial LUX Walker for 60 days and get access to an extensive placement library, smart tools, and interactive features. For enhanced design. In real-time.


FREE 60 day trial of LUX Walker Tools


Impress clients. Make faster design decisions. Collaborate with teams anywhere in the world.


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LUX Walker is an instant 3D to VR conversion software, compatible with most 3D modelling software: Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Blender, and .obj files

LUX Walker can be used in virtual reality mode or in PC mode.

Check out our LUX Walker Getting Started guide for an overview, or dive straight in to the guide for VR Mode & PC Mode


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