Exporting 3D to VR

Exporting 3D to VR: Tips to Export Your 3D Model

Exporting 3D to VR:

Helpful tips to know when you are exporting 3D to VR

Simplify complex objects

Complex objects such as 3D trees, cars, and vases don’t translate well in to VR, and can cause motion sickness. We are working on providing all of these objects as part of LUX Walkers in-built library. We presently have an extensive library of trees, with many more objects planned for the future. We advise users to hide complex objects from their 3D model before exporting their model to LUX Walker to improve your VR experience.

Organise your Layers

Organising your model correctly into layers will enable you to toggle between many layers seamlessly to review build phasing, and design options.

For example grouping your layers according to ‘Furniture Layer’ or ‘Phase 1 Layer’ will enable a quick and simple review of the design process, when in VR.

Check that you have applied your materials correctly

By default your material maps will be converted to realistic representations of materials during the export process. This means that if you export a white (un-textured) model, it will remain white. However, using material naming conventions unique to LUX Walker, our software is able to automatically assign special materials. How you apply your materials in your 3D model will affect how your materials pull through in LUX Walker.

By labelling your materials strategically we will automatically assign a special material. Naming conventions are listed below. If your material names contain any of the phrases on the left they will be automatically converted to the special materials on the right.

·         Grass OR earth -> grass

·         Water -> water

·         Mirror -> mirror

·         Mat_light -> Light (White + Glow)

·         Mat_glow -> Light (Invisible + Glow)

·         Mat_ivy -> Ivy

·         Mat_unlit -> Unlit

Apply your geographic location

Applying the geographic location of your project while in your 3D modelling software will enable you to view accurate sun and shadow studies, according to different seasons, within LUX Walker.


LUX Walker is an instant 3D to VR conversion software, compatible with most 3D modelling software : Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Blender and .obj files.

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