Enchanced .WALK Files

LW_Image Enhancer3

Increase the quality of your LUX Walker experiences by allowing us to enhance your .WALK files.

LUX Walker does many things quickly in order to offer an instant VR experience. However if you require an upgraded experience, with more realistic lighting, or that is optimized for smoother experience give us a shout.

Upgraded projects look much better as we can do expensive lighting calculations, increase material fidelity and remove any problematic items. They provide a more realistic experience but take a little more time.

LUX Walker has built-in ability to load these upgraded projects.

Enhance one of your projects:

  1. Fill in the form below.
  2. You send us your .WALK file
  3. We analyze and prepare pricing. 
  4. Once you accept our quote we start processing and return an upgraded .WALK file once payment is complete.

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