Crowds Queue at EGE to Play VR Ninja Game SHADOW

Over 10 000 people attended the Cape Town International Convention Centre this past weekend to attend the annual Electronics & Gaming Expo (EGE) and play as a VR ninja in our demo level of SHADOW.

The Kensho Trilogy

We were one of the few exhibitors offering a fully interactive virtual reality experience at EGE, with the launch of our first multiplayer VR game from the Kensho Trilogy; a reverse trilogy following the story of a fallen Samurai warrior through his quest for ultimate redemption.


Crowds queue at EGE outside the Tenebris Lab stand


Gerard explaining how the HTC Vive VR controller works


Over the course of the weekend, two hundred and fifty two visitors played the demo for SHADOW,  Part 3 of the Kensho Trilogy, the level which signifies the essence of Spirit: The beginnings in the story of a fallen warrior, through his process of transformation through spirit, mind and body.

Visitors to the Tenebris Lab booth were set up with HTC Vive VR headsets where they were put through a short tutorial level to learn the Vive controls. Once players had been given a chance to get familiar with their ninja tools, with a hit of their gong, the race starts.

Modelled on majestic Japanese scenery, the SHADOW race begins with an obstacle course through mountainous terrain navigating through waterfalls. Ninjas have to utilise their sword and bows, cutting through bamboo and hitting an archery target to release a hidden draw bridge. Competitors are led through a bamboo forest, and a series of water bridges before they meet with their rival at the finish line.

Players came out of the experience on a high, most of them getting to try VR for the first time. Lots of visitors were forthcoming with feedback, saying that they found the mechanics of their ninja weapons, and navigating through the course a ‘wow’ factor in their experience of the game. We’ve also had lots of suggestions to add a combat scene and nun-chucks.


Playing Shadow at EGE

Development feedback

“This was our first time releasing SHADOW and it was great to see everyone’s reaction, it was definitely a success. We are excited to push on with development for the full release, and we are hard at work brainstorming for levels 2 and 3.” comments Gerard Slee, Director at Tenebris Lab.

In the meantime we have a desktop flythrough of the SHADOW demo, for people who want to see what it’s all about.

Check out our interview with VS Gaming World, who visited our stand and had a go at playing SHADOW:

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