Getting Started with LUX WALKER

Getting Started LUX Walker

LUX Walker has an intuitive in-built help system. View the User Interface, menu system and controls in Getting Started LUX Walker : Instant 3D to VR

1. Download the Software

  1. Go to and download LUX WALKER.
  2. Once downloaded, double click on the .exe to begin the installation process.

2. Export a model

  1. Using one of our plugins export your model to a .WALK file.
  2. Use LUX HOME to manage your projects.
  • Refer to our plugin guide here.

3. Launch the Software

  1. Run LUX WALKER and select a file or double click a .WALK file.
  2. If its the first time running LUX WALKER you will need to license the software.

Start Screen

First Introduction

  1. Select and choose project to load. (.WALK Files) – Opens file browser.
  2. Click to enable multi user experience. See Multiplayer settings below.
  3. Choose mode, either in VR mode (will only display if VR headset has been set up) or Desktop mode. Click to launch.

Multiplayer Panel

  1. Allows you to customize the color of your headset and controllers. Only other users will see this colour. Also allows you to enter a display name that other users will see when you join them in VR.
  2. Click to launch VR mode.



Controller Buttons

Menu Panel