LUX Walker Tools enable people who work with 3D data to interact with their design and enhance design features, in real-time.


Mini Model  View Mini Model – review your overall model at a smaller scale.

Teleport Tool Teleport  around your model- move inside your model with the teleport tool.

Time of Day Tool Change Time of Day – review lighting and shadows according to seasons and time of day.

Planting ToolPlant Vegetation – plant trees from LUX Walkers in-built tree library.

Material Tool Change Materials – transform the look and feel of your model with material changes.

Layer ToolToggle Layers – turn on and off layers to view design phasing and building options.

Mark-up ToolMark-up Changes  – draw in real-time to highlight design changes.

Measure ToolMeasure Height & Distance – review metrics for the size of, or between, objects.

Render ToolRender 3D Stills – capture and export images.



For a detailed view of LUX Walker Tools in VR Mode review our LUX Walker VR Mode Overview