Desktop Mode

LUX Walker Desktop Mode

A helpful guide listing the tools and features of LUX Walker Desktop Mode. Fly-through & interact with your 3D model, mark-up and export 3D stills.

LUX Walker Desktop Mode

  1. Camera Settings
    1. Reset Camera – Centers and adjusts your camera to the default view
    2. Orbit Camera Mode – Selects Orbit mode for camera movement controls
    3. Free Fly Camera Mode – Selects Free Fly mode for camera movement controls
  2. Tools
    1. Layer Tool – See Layer Tool below
    2. Render Tool – See Render Tool below
    3. Vegetation Tool – See Vegetation Tool below
    4. Material Tool – See Material Tool below
    5. Draw Tool – See Draw Tool below
  3. Start Screen – Exit to the Start Screen
  4. Quality Options
    1. Set the quality from low to extreme – If performance is suffering, please adjust this setting
  5. Time Tool – See Time Tool below
  6. Quick Access
    1. Filter Enable/Disable – Turns the filter set in the Render Tool on/off
    2. Ocean Toggle – Turns the artificial blue ocean around your project on/off
    3. White Model Toggle – View your project in a white model mode with mostly white materials
    4. Camera Display Toggle – Toggles whether imported camera views should be shown in the world
    5. Grid of 3rds Toggle – Toggles a rule of thirds grid on/off
    6. Dynamic Shadow Toggle – Turns dynamic shadows on/off
    7. VR Mode Toggle – Enables/disables a desktop VR experience
  7. Filter Strength – Adjust the strength of the filter applied in the Render Tool
  8. Help Panel – Hover over this icon to see help about the tool you are currently using
  9. Loading Progress and Information – Frames per second display
  10. Camera Controls – Displays the currently selected camera mode’s keybindings and controls for movement

Layer Tool

The layer tool allows users to turn layers/parts of their project on/off at will.

  1. Switches an entire layer on/off
  2. Switches sub items on/off
  3. Expands layer (Pro Only), allowing you to turn sub items on/off. (Item 2)

Render Tool

LUX Walker Desktop Mode

  1. Adjust Image Effects – Adjusts the exposure, contrast, saturation and temperature the image
  2. Apply Image Filter – Apply stylistic filtering to your image
  3. Fog Settings
    1. Enable Disable Fog
    2. Adjust the density of the fog
    3. Adjust at what height the fog is at maximum thickness
  4. Camera View Settings
    1. Adjust Field Of View of camera
    2. Align camera with views exported from your modelling program
  5. Render Resolution – Choose from three options for rendering scale: HD, 2xHD and 4xHD
  6. Align Camera – Align camera with horizontal plane, to easily capture flat images
  7. Clear Background Toggle – Used to render images with transparent backgrounds instead of sky color
  8. Render 360 degree photo
  9. Renders Image of current view

Vegetation Tool

LUX Walker Desktop Mode

The vegetation tool allows users to place plants in their projects.

  1. Ratio Indicator – Indicates a relative ratio between an average human and the selected plant
  2. Placement Settings
    1. Set the minimum and maximum scale for placement
    2. Random scale – scale any placed vegetation to a scale between the above set minimum and maximum scale
    3. Upright mode – if selected placed vegetation will always align themselves upright. If not they will align with the angle of the surface they are placed on
    4. Multiple Place – allows the user to click, hold and drag to place multiple plants automatically
    5. Delete Mode – click vegetation to remove
  3. Vegetation Categories
    1. Trees – Click to view a collection of Trees
    2. Groundcover – Click to view a collection of groundcovers
  4. Vegetation Display
    1. Click any item in the display to select it for placement. Scroll up and down to view additional content

Material Tool

LUX Walker Desktop Mode

Allows changing of any material in your project

  1. Material Preview – Accurately Lit representation of the selected material
  2. Pick Mode – In this mode, click on any material in the project, and it will be set as the active material
  3. Paint Mode – Any item clicked on will be painted with the selected material
  4. Material Categories – Materials are sorted into categories, scroll sideways to view and select various categories
  5. Category Preview Pane – Collection of materials in the selected category

Markup Tool

LUX Walker Desktop Mode

Used to create markup/notes for yourself and others

  1. Available Layers – Click a layer to set it as active
  2. Layer Management
    1. New Layer – Adds a layer to the list of available layers
    2. Clear Current – Clears any markup in the currently active layer
    3. Delete Layers – Deletes all available layers, also deletes all markups
    4. Clear All – Clears all markups in the project, keeping the available layers
  3. Layer Delete – Click on the X next to any layer to remove it from your available layers
  4. Line Markup Mode – Markup will consist of flat lines
  5. Round Markup Mode – Markup will consist of round tubes. Best for writing text
  6. Sort Markup – When active, any markup object you select will sort into the currently active layer
  7. Delete Markup – When active, any markup object selected, will be removed
  8. Click and Hold Left Mouse click while moving mouse to create markup on objects

Time Tool

LUX Walker Desktop Mode

  1. Time Of Day Slider
    1. Drag sideways to change time of day
    2. Click pick date to choose specific day in the year
    3. Quickly jump through the seasons by using preset months
  2. Calendar used to pick specific day, month and year