Automated Workflow

Automated Workflow Tool: LUX Walker

LUX Walker Instant 3D to VR Automated workflow tool. Convert your 3D model to VR, interact and collaborate. Make faster design decisions, present your work.

LUX WALKER is meant to be as simple as possible.  We Geolocate your model, carry across your layers, import your cameras and views and we convert your texture maps to realistic digital materials. All that is left is for you to review your design using our markup tools, update the export if necessary, plant some vegetation, alter your materials and render some images or share the resulting .WALK file and a copy of LUX WALKER with a client or colleague to walk through in Virtual Reality.


Because we keep all the complexities in the back of this simplified workfow, most of your work stays in your modeling program. We offer support for many tools *

We employ a couple of Material Naming conventions for special materials, and suggest you use them for best effect.

Your experience is also heavily reliant on the complexity of your 3D data. Please have a look at some VR modeling guidelines to get the smoothest possible experience.