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Easily Upload & Share 360 content from LUX Navigate

Create beautiful 360 images and videos in LUX Navigate. Easily upload & share your 360 content with your audience on VR Chive or Facebook.

The Upload/Share tool provides users to easily share the current image to VRCHIVE, a panoramic image hosting service, or create an image that is correctly formatted to be used as a Facebook 360 image. Images hosted on VRCHIVE can be viewed on mobile and embedded using an HTML embed code. The default and free versions of LUX Navigate will upload the images to Tenebris Labs VRCHIVE account. The paid for version of LUX Navigate allows users to change the VRCHIVE User Token inside the settings window, allowing users to upload directly to their own VRCHIVE account.



Upload & Share 360 Content from LUX Navigate
Upload/Share Tool Layout

1. Rename Image – Change the name of the image to be uploaded.

2. Upload to VRCHIVE – This will upload the current image to VRCHIVE a 360 image hosting site that has embed code for HTML and mobile viewability. To change your VRCHIVE user token, go to the settings menu (PRO only).

3. Facebook Ready 360 – Creates 360 capture of the current image, correctly formatted to be used with Facebook’s 360 image viewer.