Create a Tour in LUX Navigate: 360 Content Management Tool

The Tour Tool creates and packages virtual tours of 360 panoramic content that are shareable and can be viewed using LUX Navigate. Connect images through placement markers, highlight features using information points and direct people to web content. Adding these functions to a tour is achieved using move-able objects referred to as TOUR WIDGETS, the current widgets available are:

  • WAYPOINT – connects packaged images together
  • POINT OF INTEREST – displays information at a position on the image
  • LINK – opens the user’s default web browser with the designated web address.



Tour Tool: LUX Navigate
Tour Tool Layout


1.1. Add Waypoint – Add a waypoint to your current image, left clicking on the waypoint and dragging will allow re-positioning of the waypoint and right clicking will show more options.

1.2. Add Point Of Interest – Add a Point of Interest to the current image, left clicking on the point and dragging will allow re-positioning of the point and right clicking will show more options.

1.3. Add Link – Add a Link to the current image, left clicking on the link and dragging will allow re-positioning of the link and right clicking will show more options.

1.4. Simulate Tour – Activates all the tour functionality, clicking on waypoints will now load the image they are linked to, clicking on points of interest will display information and clicking on links will open the web link they are connected to.

1.5. Package – Open the package panel, where a project can be packaged into a .VIEW file that can be used to showcase a viewing version of the project.

1.6. Save Current Scene – Save the current waypoints, points of interest and links on the current image.


Tour Widgets

Widgets can be added to the current scene/image that add interaction within a tour. Widgets are added from the TOUR tool panel and can be edited individually by right-clicking on the specific widget once placed within the scene.


Waypoints are used to connect images in the project. The edit panel will display a description input field and a drop-down selection menu. The description field is used for naming the next travel to location. It will be displayed in TOUR MODE above the widget, when the waypoint is being hovered over by the user. Clicking on the waypoint widget in Tour Mode will take the user to the image selected from the drop-down menu when the waypoint was edited. The image selection drop-down is populated from the current files added to the project.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest also referred to as info points, are tour widgets that allow for more information to be added to the image through clickable popups. A point of interest widget contains a name and a description that can be edited when the Tour Tool is active. While in Tour Mode the info point widget can be clicked by the user to display the information applied to the widget.


A website URL can be attached to the Link widget. Users in Tour Mode will be directed to the desired link using their default browser.