Render in LUX Navigate: Export high quality 3D stills

Capture beautiful 3D images of your project. Render in LUX Navigate with the Render Tool, use filters, zoom in to capture detail. Export quality 3D stills.

The Render Tool gives users the capabilities to do simple image adjustments using Filters and capture the current image either as a screenshot or a 360 panoramic image. Normal screenshots can be taken by pressing the SPACEBAR in any of the tool modes. Filters can be disabled from the view by deselecting the Filter Toggle located in the TOP TOOLBAR.



Render in LUX Navigate with the Render Tool
Render Tool Layout

3.1. Filters – The filters window contains a list of preset filters that can be applied to the currently loaded image.

3.2. Filter Amount – Sets the strength of the current filter.

3.3. Screenshot – Takes a screenshot of the current view.

3.4. 360 Capture – Renders a 360 Image of the currently loaded image.