Annotate in LUX Navigate: Mark-up 360 content and work collaboratively

Improve your workflow with the Annotate Tool.


The Annotation Tool allows for mark-up on 360 panoramic content using a layered drawing tool.


Annotate and Mark-up content in LUX Navigate
Annotate Tool Layout

2.1. Layers – The layers window contains all the draw layers created for a current image.

2.2. Clear Layers – Clears all the drawings in the current selected layer.

2.3. Change Color – Opens a colour selector for the current selected layer and allows you to change the colour of the selected layer.

2.4. Delete Layer – Deletes the currently selected layer from the layers window.

2.5. Add Layer – Adds a new layer to the layers window.

2.6. Tool Size – Adjusts the size of the draw cursor.

2.7. Save Current Drawing – Saves all the current drawing layers to the loaded image.



To start drawing add a layer to the scene. Select the drawing layer on the Annotation panel to draw on the preferred layer. The selected layer will be indicated by a yellow line underneath the layer. A drawing layers colour can be adjusted by clicking the Change Color button which will display a colour selection panel. Press Set Colour to apply the changes. Hold down left mouse button while dragging in the scene to start drawing. Use Left Control to rotate while the Annotation tool is open. Right clicking on a drawn line will erase it. In any mode it is possible to hide all annotations by toggling annotations off using the annotations toggle in the TOP TOOLBAR.