Edit Mode

LUX Navigate Edit Mode

Enable LUX Navigate Edit Mode and get access to all tools and editing features. Collaborate and create beautiful 360 content!

EDIT MODE is used for creating and editing 360 image content as well as packaging your projects to .VIEW files. Edit Mode is only available in the paid for versions of LUX NAVIGATE. Edit Mode comprises of the following tools:

Annotate – A layered drawing and mark-up tool for making notes and annotations.

Tour – Tour creation tools including widgets for waypoints, points of interest and hyperlinks. Contains the exporting/packaging tool to create a .VIEW file.

Render – Adding filters and capturing 360 and normal screenshots.

Upload/Share – Upload non-watermarked content to VRCHIVE and format 360 screenshots correctly to be used with Facebook.

Projects created in Edit Mode will be saved as .NVGT files. Edit Mode also contains all the 360 image and video viewing capabilities found in View Mode.