LUX Walker Desktop Mode

LUX Walker Desktop Mode…for non-VR users

Don’t have VR? Try LUX Walker in Desktop Mode

While LUX Walker has been specially designed to convert your 3D model to virtual reality, our software still offers non-VR users a powerful visualization tool in Desktop Mode.


Export your model to a .WALK file and open your 3D model in LUX Walker Desktop Mode.  Fly-through your model, zoom and climb levels, using your keyboard and mouse.

In-built tools

LUX Walker Desktop has the same in-built tools available to VR users. Review sun studies, mark-up design changes, select imported materials or use LUX Walker’s in-built library to change materials and place trees, measure height and distance between objects, and render 3D stills.

Read more about LUX Walker’s Desktop tools and settings.

LUX Walker Desktop Mode: Place trees
Placing Trees in LUX Walker Desktop Mode

Prep your model for VR

Desktop is a great way for trial users, who don’t have access to VR, to get to know the software.  If you have limited access to VR hardware, using the tool set in Desktop can help you or a colleague to make and preview changes to your model, ahead of your next VR session.



LUX Walker is an instant 3D to VR conversion software, compatible with most 3D modelling software : Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Blender and .obj files.

Walk-through your model, use interactive in-built tools to change the time of day, change materials, place trees, mark-up edits, measure objects and capture 3D stills. LUX Walker can be used with a VR headset, in VR Mode, or  without VR, in Desktop Mode.

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