Lux Populi in VR

Case Study: Lux Populi

We spoke with Lux Populi to find out how they use LUX Walker as a VR platform to test complex lighting rigs for their architecture and design clients.

What is Lux Populi about?

Lux Populi is a global first-principles design practice, collaborating with clients and designers from around the world to develop custom crafted designs for each client and their individual project needs. Informed by architecture, identity, context and function, Lux Populi’s designs address lighting as a tool dedicated, to carefully tailored responses to our clients’ needs.

How did we meet?

We were introduced by SAOTA first to the software at their office on Cape Town and eventually as we saw the potential to collaborate side by side with them inside a VR environment, they shared with us Conrad Martin´s contact Info who has been supporting us since the very early stages of LUX Walker.

What did you want to achieve?

The main objective was to present a conceptual lighting design for exteriors to the design architects (SAOTA), on a collaborative environment where we could interact on real time with the look and feel and it all had to be from a distance (Mexico City – Cape Town)

What issues where you having?

Since it was the first time we were using LUX Walker, the challenge was to find an efficient way to translate the 3D models we standardly produce in our office to a VR environment which will allow us to connect through the Web.

How did we help?

It turned out that that LUX Walker was a very intuitive software which didn’t disrupt our natural flow of work significantly and the only software that we know that allows you to connect through  distance and do collaborative mark ups in a VR environment. We also have to add that our experience has been so satisfactory thanks to the strong support of the Tenebris Lab team.

What is the main benefit of using LUX Walker in your industry?

The VR nature of the software, allows us to present our designs to our clients in an immersive real scale environment, it provides a streamlined engagement with our collaborators, as well as easy workflow as sub-consultants and it gives us a virtual space to remotely explore and develop our designs as an integral part of the architect’s team.


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