ARRCC use LUX Walker for Leeukoppie Estate

Case Study: ARRCC

We spoke with ARRCC  to find out how they used LUX Walker in virtual reality to present design ideas for the exclusive Kerzner Estate.

What is ARRCC about?

ARRCC is an award winning interior design studio that specializes in high-end residential, hospitality and leisure interiors. We work closely with our clients, transforming their briefs to exceed expectations and deliver life-enhancing spaces that captivate and move.

What did you want to achieve?

Our aim was to showcase proposed designs for a range of luxury residential villas, to international property magnate, Sol Kerzner, for the new Kerzner Estate.

What issues where you having?

ARRCC was one of six architecture firms invited to design the Kerzner Estate. We were challenged to find a way to deliver something unique, to really stand out and do something above and beyond standard 3D visualisations, physical models and drawings.

How did we help?

Using LUX Walker to showcase our design in virtual reality provided a truly remarkable, interactive and memorable experience which instantly made sense to the developers. Seeing our development in VR gave the ‘wow’ experience we were looking for which we believe set ARRCC’s design for this development apart.

What is the main benefit of using LUX Walker in your industry?

VR is a game changer for the design industry. We were immediately able to gain a true spatial understanding of our design, from the preliminary Revit model straight through to the final finishes. We were able to check the accuracy of our design, picking up on design issues such as levels, ceiling details and lighting challenges, and make multiple changes instantly, allowing for quick design and review. LUX Walker is a valuable tool for our team, to improve collaboration and for presenting accurate, easy-to-understand design concepts to clients.


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