LUX Walker Lab Booking

Explore your 3D Model in Virtual Reality.

If you don’t have the required hardware to run LUX Walker in Virtual Reality mode in your office, we have a solution for you.
We offer walk-through sessions at our Tenebris Lab!

All sessions are 1 (one) hour long. Contact [email protected] if you wish to book a longer session. Session are currently only available in Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa.

* Enquire to become a Tenebris Remote Lab location.



From your 3D modelling program to VR instantly:

  1. Fill in the below form to calculate the cost of your VR session (VAT Inclusive). 
  2. Book your session on the Calendly pop up.
  3. With one click, export your Revit or Sketchup file. (Find the Revit + Sketchup exporter plug in here.)
  4. Not working in Revit / Sketchup? No problem, simply export your project as an .OBJ file.
  5. Send us your file at least one day before your session.

Complete section A. Client Information and section B. Calendly Booking. Finish by clicking C. Confirm Booking.


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