LUX Walker Desktop Mode…for non-VR users

Don’t have VR? Try LUX Walker in Desktop Mode

LUX Walker Desktop Mode

Subscription Model & Its Benefits

SaaS Benefits : Why renting software is better than buying

SaaS Benefits

Case Study: ARRCC

We spoke with ARRCC  to find out how they used LUX Walker in virtual reality to present design ideas for the exclusive Kerzner Estate.

ARRCC use LUX Walker for Leeukoppie Estate

Unblocking Network Ports for a Multi-user Experience

Unblocking network ports for multi-user VR will enable you to connect with other users anywhere in the world.

Unblocking network ports multi-user VR

Floor Fix : Floating Sensation in VR

Floor Fix in the new version of LUX Walker to remedy a floating sensation in VR

Floor Fix in LUX Walker VR

Exporting 3D to VR: Tips to Export Your 3D Model

Exporting 3D to VR: Helpful tips to know when you are exporting 3D to VR

Exporting 3D to VR

Labeling Materials for LUX Walker

Labeling Materials & Assigning Your Materials A How To Guide for labeling materials and assigning materials in your 3D modelling software to optimize your materials in LUX Walker

Labeling Materials LUX Walker

Case Study: Lux Populi

We spoke with Lux Populi to find out how they use LUX Walker as a VR platform to test complex lighting rigs for their architecture and design clients.

Lux Populi in VR

We’re on the lookout for a 3D Ninja / Generalist

Hark fellow denizens of this rock hurtling through space and time, we’re on a mission – a group of 3D Ninjas building new worlds to explore.

Were hiring : 3D Ninja

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Do you have access to VR hardware? Partner with us and join our Remote Lab Network.

Remote Lab Network