LUX Navigate 360 Panoramic Tool NOW Once-off $15 Payment

Good News.  You can now create dynamic 360 panoramic content for $15 , once-off.

Endlessly create beautiful 360 panoramic tours.

We developed LUX Navigate, 360 content management tool, so that you could create 360 images, videos and tours and easily share content with others.


Explore 360 content with others in virtual reality.

Experience 360 panoramic views in Virtual Reality

Use LUX Navigate with team members to mark-up changes to your 360 views.

360 Panoramic Mark-Up Tool


Create 3D 360 panoramic tours and 360 video footage.

LUX Navigate 360 Panoramic Tour Tool

Add image filters to set different moods to your content.

 360 Panoramic Image Filter Tool


Capture and export 3D panoramic stills or 360 video to Facebook or VR Chive.


…forever, for only $15.


Use LUX Navigate in PC mode or in VR mode.

To view and edit content in VR mode, users require the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset, along with a PC that follows the recommended specs for the Rift and Vive.


VR Hardware:

HTC Vive: Available on Amazon and Takealot

Oculus Rift: Available on  Amazon and  Takealot


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